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Turning detractors into fans

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Turning detractors into fans

Tim Williams

All too often the relationship between a brand and its customers becomes one of ‘them and us’.  When a problem occurs we can be all too ready to cite the T&Cs or hide behind a Byzantine complaints process.

Are we too concerned with the short-term desire to save costs rather than the longer-term job of creating real, sustainable value?

Imagine what would happen if we actively sought out unhappy customers and asked them ‘How can we work with you to make this work?’

Imagine the word of mouth that would generate.

Consider how hard it to stay angry with someone who wants to play on your team. What would happen if we changed the dynamic and surprised our most angry detractors by taking their side?

What if we defined a successful outcome in terms of the distance the customer has travelled from being a detractor to being an advocate?

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to have a KPI that measured the ‘detractor turnaround’ score?