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Has your CRM strategy taken a wrong turn?

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Has your CRM strategy taken a wrong turn?

Tim Williams

Are you trying to change how your customers think when you should be focused on how they feel?

CRM is seen as a way to encourage a desired change in a customer’s behaviour.

We use data to know who they are, how they’ve acted in the past and ideally, what motivates them; armed with this we craft tailored messages that should resonate.

We therefore put a great deal of effort into crunching data to arrive at what we think will be the most compelling ‘call to action’. In our digital world of Big Data and AI surely this represents a powerful way to achieve CRM success?

So why does this approach not always work as well as it could?

Because it overlooks a key insight into the decision-making process.

People don’t change their behaviour as a result of listening to a rational argument and making a careful assessment of the facts (however well targeted). They act out of emotion not reason.

Our actions are driven by what we feel even (especially) when we don’t consciously realise it. Our behaviour is driven first by emotion, only subsequently do we use reason to explain it.

Before we can encourage a call to act we therefore need to understand how the customer feels. The 'call to feeling' is what drives the call to action.

So, when designing your CRM strategy, instead of starting with the behaviour you want to encourage think rather of how your message should reflect the emotions your audience is experiencing.